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Fasting and arthritis cure

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Previous published studies claim to show fasting and arthritis cure fasting may have positive effects on the symptoms. The purpose fasting and arthritis cure the Swedish study was to investigate the effects of both fasting and a semi-vegetarian diet in patients with rheumatoid arthritis RA.

Patients and Methods 26 patients with confirmed RA using the criteria of the American Rheumatism Associationwere involved in this 12 week study. All 26 patients were taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug daily. With the exception of the fasting period, all patients were encouraged to continue medication throughout the study. One woman stopped the fast after only 2 days. Immediately after the fast, a plain vegetarian diet was begun and fasting and arthritis cure for the next 9 weeks at home.

No animal or fish protein including eggs was allowed. Fresh milk and cream were discouraged, but yogurt was allowed freely. Grains were also allowed in smaller quantities.

No alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or regular tea was permitted, and patients were asked to restrict the intake of salt, sugar, and white flour, fasting and arthritis cure.

Just prior, and over the period of the study, blood chemistry and physical and functional measurements were performed. Results Most of the 15 fasting patients said they felt better from the 5th or 6th day of fasting.

At the end of the fast 10 reported reduction in pain, 5 reported no change, and none of the 15 showed or expressed an increase in pain. Stiffness was also reduced, but to a lesser degree than pain. The ESR was reduced in 8 patients, fasting and arthritis cure in 4, and increased in 3, fasting and arthritis cure. Very few side effects were experienced during the short fasting period.

The 10 control rheumatoid arthritics showed no reduction in pain or stiffness and none showed any objective improvement according to the criteria alluded to above. The semi-vegetarian diet group showed no change in pain, stiffness, or consumption of analgesics. The feeling of well-being experienced by the majority of the fasting subjects at the end of the fast lasted for about 2 to 3 weeks into the vegetarian diet that followed.

Objectively only one of 14 was isoflavens and cancer according to the above criteria. Discussion and Comments Even in healthy people the impact of short-term and long-term fasting has not been thoroughly investigated, fasting and arthritis cure. The findings in the study clearly indicate that both subjectively and objectively many of the rheumatoid general health and fitness statistics experienced improvement on low folate levels and cancer juice and herbal tea fasting and arthritis cure. If this proves to be a valid hypothesis, some comment is needed with regards to the structure and content of the above study.

If this is true, and it is also true that delayed food allergy is associated with such gut leakiness, all the patients in this study were made food allergy-prone throughout the study, since all of them were medicated with NSAIDs and other anti-inflammatory drugs. Secondly, the semi-vegetarian diet subsequently followed contained allergenic foods milk and grains.

If food allergy plays an important role in the etiology or exacerbation of RA, one would not expect or predict a continuous improvement after fasting with the reintroduction of common food allergens into the diet milk and grain. Effects of fasting and lactovegetarian diet on rheumatoid arthritisScandinavian Journal of Rheumatology 8: Dietary treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Konnen Ernahrungsgaktoren die chronische Polyarthritis beeinflussen? Arthritis Rheumatoid and Fasting Posted on October 17, by drmanso.

In Europe, especially Scandinavian countries, the view that short periods of fasting and even vegetarian diets are beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is becoming increasingly popular and has become an everyday topic of conversation among patients with inflammatory joint disease, fasting and arthritis cure. Search Keywords Search for: Click here to see what the Bible has to say about these and many other problems.

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Fasting and arthritis cure