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Flat stanely lesson plans and activities

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I began the Flat Stanley Project in and it is now the oldest literacy and community-building site on Internet. Flat Stanley is recognized by millions of children around the world, flat stanely lesson plans and activities.

The Flat Stanley Project is an ideal way to motivate students to write and can be easily incorporated into virtually all areas of the curriculum. I hope to flat stanely lesson plans and activities the magic of Flat Stanley through teddy bear exchanges and klonopin addarall baclofen and amitryptiline writing.

I have also released an educational app for the iPad called Core Learning Basics. Because it is programmable, it can be easily customized to provide individual assistance to your students. Skip to main content. Total average rating 4. Per Page 5 10 20 40 English Language Arts K-2, In this activity students will create bookmarks that describe the books that have been read and present important events in order.

The Flat Stanley Contract approach. English Language Arts Middle School. Use this contract approach to cover the curriculum while providing choices for your students and encouraging them to produce quality work. Aligned to Common Core State English Language Arts Elementary Grades The Flat Stanley Project provides that motivation Flat Stanley in the curriculum. Use the Flat Stanley Project to motivate your students as they engage in curriculum-related activities.

Flat Stanley provides authentic learning This is a fun and motivating Flat Stanley - Getting to know you. Health Elementary Grades K In this activity, students create a selection of personalized Flat Stanleys that represent a range of emotions, which can be used as a safe vehicle In this activity, students will create a puppet that they will use to read their written work.

Students should use animated voices as their puppet Leave this field blank.


Flat stanely lesson plans and activities