Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine, Study Says

How does Vitamin D work in the immune system?

Vitamin D is better than ANY vaccine and increases the immune system by 3-5 times

H1n1 and vitamin d3

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In early September, headlines read that 90, people could die in the US this flu season. Get your flu shot!!! Like this CNN reports that sites this number as well as the worn out typical of 40, deaths per year from the seasonal flu.

Losing weight and levothroid swine has truly flown. We had a very unusual flu season this year. The peak for the seasonal flu usually occurs sometime between the last of January through the middle of March. However, this year with the H1N1 we had a peak that h1n1 and vitamin d3 in October and then by the first of January the incidence h1n1 and vitamin d3 all influenza like illness dropped to below the baseline.

You can check out the graph of the hospitalizations for the US here. The question arises what happened to the normal spike for the regular flu. I can see the spike occurring for the H1N1 for people who were susceptible to the virus and it occurring early in the winter. However, how did that affect the seasonal flu that should have peaked in late February? Every year up until now the spike has typically occurred in late winter.

Perhaps what happened was the fear of people dying from the H1N1 motivated more people to get the regular flu vaccination. Also if you think about it the H1N1 vaccine was not readily available until November. People got vaccinated and the flu stopped? I wonder when President Obama will make a speech taking credit for getting more people taking the flu vaccine and this is what caused the significant reduction and how as you read the following.

The really interesting thing is that the table for total influenza like illness for hospitalizations shows 41, with 2, deaths. How do you rationalize these numbers with the totals of what the CDC claims as typical at overhospitalizations and 36, deaths, h1n1 and vitamin d3.

The insurance companies should really be happy this year as they had to pay significantly less to providers because of the low incidence of illness or have we just been lied to by the CDC. It is truly confusing, h1n1 and vitamin d3. Do hospitals not report death? I do not believe the federal guidelines would allow this.

Here is what the CDC has been telling you: Since the drug companies or Obama have not taken credit, I think that I will just jump right in. It is my hope that what really happened was that there was enough in the press about the antiviral affects of vitamin D that people in general took more.

It would not take a lot to make a huge impact in the population. I tried to find the percent of the population that took the vaccination for the H1N1 and for the seasonal flu without success.

This seems to be a closely held number. I know that there are some reports that more than half of the H1N1 vaccines that the US ordered were not used h1n1 and vitamin d3 I cannot confirm. Taking my D3 and getting a tan in the winter and the blues and flu just fly away. It seems to be medical fact that we get more cases of the flu in the winter than in the summer.

I have never had the flu in the summer or personally know h1n1 and vitamin d3 that has had the flu in the summer. However, everyone that I know has had the flu in the winter. It only seems logical that there is a seasonal occurrence that is driving this real phenomenon. Cannell gives us an update about children in his September Newsletter and how it is that children that are deficient with vitamin D are most likely at risk of getting the flu.

Vitamin D Studies of Interest. I am totally with Dr. If you have children, be sure to keep them replete in vitamin D by following H1n1 and vitamin d3. Cannell directions in this October newsletter Vitamin D in Pediatrics. Under vitamin D and dosage he states that in general that children need about IU of D3 for every 25 lbs of body weight per day.

I found this amount to be effective in adults as well. So what are our country and the health organizations doing about this vitamin D deficiency and the relation to galantamine and pubmed flu?

If Canada confirms this finding that low levels of vitamin D are significant in relation to the flu then maybe the US will take action, h1n1 and vitamin d3. But here again, I am with Dr.

Cannell, how many children have to die before we stop depending on just acquired immunity through flu shots and build our innate immunity through doing what is natural to us, h1n1 and vitamin d3. You may read the story on the website of the Vitamin D Society of Canada: Story from the Globe and Mail, h1n1 and vitamin d3.

The story broke here in the US by Nutraingrediants-usa. You know the thing that is most interesting is one of the references that is driving the Canadian study is a report from that shows evidence that persons with low vitamin D levels were more likely to have the flu.

Why have we waited so long to investigate!!?? On the heels of this comes the study from Oregon State University that states that primates have kept the vitamin D innate immunity system in place for 60 million years! It was very clear that only primates and guinea pigs do not make their own vitamin C. So why is it that the vitamin D immune system has survived in primates and not other mammals? Maybe this is the system that has taken the place of the vitamin C system in primates.

So what do we do about it? We tell people for the last fifty years to get out of the sun!!!! I know that this may be somewhat h1n1 and vitamin d3 a leap, but I do not think it is much of one considering the research on vitamin D immunity, h1n1 and vitamin d3. Number one it helps at a genetic level to tell immature tumor cells that they are just that and to stop growing or cellular apoptosis. The D3 also helps the blood supply network that is feeding the tumor to stop growing from a genetic level because this is not the normal design of the body or angiogenesis.

There is also an aid to T-cell regulation in this complex system of immunity. And if you are taking chemo one of the problems is thrombosis and vitamin D3 helps to control this issue as well.

This reminds me that I need to do a post on the immune system and vitamin D. There is really some fascinating research out there coming soon. So maybe the true magic in healing comes from a balance of giving the body what it needs.

I believe that Dr. Pauling are both correct and that in primates that vitamin D is a greater fighter of viruses than vitamin C. This may be just the opposite for non-primate mammals where vitamin C immune system is more important than the vitamin D system.

Non-primates make their own vitamin C and primates and guinea pigs do not make vitamin C, h1n1 and vitamin d3. This article from WebMD seems to support my understanding: Pauling was reported to have taken between 12 grams to 20 grams of vitamin C per day, h1n1 and vitamin d3.

His contention was that the less colds and other infections that you have the longer you live. He lived to be I am sure that as soon as the government makes a proclamation to take more vitamin D that the retirement age will be raised at least 10 years. Anyway, what should we do for ourselves and our children.

Be sure that they get enough of vitamin C and vitamin D this winter and I suspect if you persimmon and weight loss this we will have many happy endings. I have written several post of vitamin D and heart disease and there is so much more. There is an exciting article about heart disease and the effect of vitamin D at WebMD.

Part 1 and Part 2. As we begin our plunge into vitamin D winter then heart disease that has been arrested by getting an adequate amount from the sun will h1n1 and vitamin d3 more active.

As you can see from this Harvard news articleit is important to start supplementing with vitamin D. However, here again we find that mainstream medicine is too conservative in the amount of vitamin D. As we have discussed in other post, vitamin D is made from cholesterol.

So the marketing of statin drugs and their use in lowering h1n1 and vitamin d3 may not be h1n1 and vitamin d3 to your health. His comments on vitamin A are also important to the understanding of how A and D work together in your body. Here is the research page from the Vitamin D Council on heart disease. Going into the sun is not enough if you live above about 35 degrees North latitude after September.

Start supplementing to the directions of the Vitamin D Council. And the swine flew. I guess that he meant that it was a total impossibility. When I think of a bird that flew his flu from North America and infected an Asian bird that infected an Asian swine that infected a European swine and ended up as the H1N1 in North America humans of a California variety, it makes me believe that pigs truly can fly.

Here is a summary of the WHO teleconference on h1n1 and vitamin d3 apparent origins of the various strains as a pdf. All the links are set to open in another window. Now there is another story that is floating around the alternative health blogs like Dr. Mercola and Mike Adams. It seems that an investigative journalist from Austria has evidence that some sort of intentional release of this virus was made and she has filed criminal charges with the FBI against a host of people.

Also, here is Natural News pandemic page for the H1N1. Here is the article on charges being filed by author Barbara Minton: It also is interesting that Jane Burgermeister has a blog on word press that is http: The other thing that is really concerning is that this version of the virus is mutating regularly so the vaccine, if you chose to take it, may not be effective on the mutated version.


H1n1 and vitamin d3