Heart Failure Risk Increased When Sleep Apnea Not Managed With CPAP

Epidemiology of OSA

Sleep Apnea: How Is It Related to Heart Disease and What Can I Do About It?

Heart failure diabetes and sleep apena

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Having heart failure diabetes and sleep apena two cardio versions, I am back in rythem and staying there. Some of us with HF and Afib have a hard time with Afib.

Some do not have any trouble at all. I am one of those that has a lot of trouble when in Afib. My cardiologist set me up to see a pulminologist and some test run.

After the first sleep study, heart failure diabetes and sleep apena, I was told I averaged 21 - 27 apneas per hour. I now use one nightly and find breathing is easier and I am getting a very restful sleep. I now have more energy and do not fall asleep with reading or watching TV. On my last visit to the cariologist, he said he noticed a "different" patient and was glad to see I was sleeping every night without difficulty.

The pulminologist and cardiologist agree that sleeping better should increase the time I stay in rythem and may never have to have the ablation or another cardio version. Thought I would pass this along. If you are having some difficulties that the medication and other treatments are not working as well as you would like, you might discuss this with your doctor. You are invited to participate in a short research study to evaluate the Support Network and determine if members who use the community increase their Quality of Life and support from before too early after registration.

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Heart failure diabetes and sleep apena