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Our highly trained allergists, immunologists, and staff combine their knowledge and expertise to deliver safe, reliable allergy solutions in the Landsdowne area. Our team, led by Dr. Laura Ispasprovides comprehensive assessment of your allergy symptoms and conditions, treatment plans designed for your unique needs, and ongoing care for a range of immunological and allergy conditions. We accept most major health insurance plans. For allergies we offer both allergy testing and allergy treatment.

If you think you suffer from allergies, learn more about allergy testing and schedule your allergy test today with Dr. Ispas and her team. Laura Ispas and her staff provide you with a welcoming environment, excellent service, and prompt, personal care. Our staff is available to answer your questions in our office, assist you with scheduling appointments, or educate you on your treatment options, our doctors, and any other needs or concerns.

Ispas, allergist and immunologist, and her luvox and ocd are committed to helping you understand and manage your allergy symptoms for good. We work directly with our patients to provide safe, long-term treatment for allergy relief.

We offer care and treatment of children and adults to help keep your family active, healthy, and symptom-free. Allergic conditions can impair exercise, institute for asthma and allergy appointments, eating, or your daily life. We can help give you or your loved ones the tools needed to manage and overcome allergies, sensitivities, and more.

Visit us at our Lansdowne office to start your journey toward allergy relief. Ispas has been my trusted allergist for the past 8 years. You will not find a more knowledgeable and caring doctor than Dr. I have had many allergists over my lifetime and Dr. Ispas is institute for asthma and allergy appointments favorite.

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Institute for asthma and allergy appointments