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Interaction of abilify and tegretol

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Ask a Question Login Sign Up. Senior Member 10 years on site posts. Can anyone who might be on these two meds help me out here? Sign Up or Login to comment. New Member years on site. Dark, interaction of abilify and tegretol, Try doing a search for withdrawel for both of these drugs, interaction of abilify and tegretol. Just do a general Google search for them both, separatly, should give good information about them.

All the best, JennyWren. Member 6 years on site 7 posts. Hi there, I have been taking tegretol for nearly 6 months now interaction of abilify and tegretol I hate it.

Im constantly foggy in the mind, helps with my rage but seems to confuse my episodes more and cycling happens more frequently without being able to predict it. My doc increases my dosage and says its all fine when its not. I have a terrible memory and getting progressively worse when my doc says it should get better. Forget things all the time, nearly double dose my meds coz I forget I have taken them 5 mins after.

I stick to it for my family but surely there has to be something else for me. VIP Member 10 years on site posts. I currently take Tegretol XR and have for about 3 years. Tegretol XR was added at a time when I was having breakthrough hypomanic episodes with mild depressive ones. I started at a very low dose so no major difference was felt.

Over time my dose increased and I interaction of abilify and tegretol better than before. That is double vision. I take Tegretol XR for my seizures as well as bipolar disorder. My seizures are fairly well controlled so I thank Tegretol XR for that.

Has it completely controlled my bipolar? I had 2 antipsychotics added after it, interaction of abilify and tegretol. Is it worthless for my bipolar? Plus, I know of people whose bipolar disorder was interaction of abilify and tegretol calmed because of it. I need a medicine cabinet to keep my demons at bay. Abilify activated me and I was slightly hypmanic on it most of the time.

I never gained any weight on it that I remember. In fact, with the hypomania I was feeling pretty great and joined ballroom dance classes. Member 8 years on site posts. I took Tegretol for 14 years, and it was the only thing that I did take.

Initially those first few years I was slowly eased up to to mgs. I could not function at this level. It might be what doctors referred to as the therapeutic level, but my brain had other ideas, interaction of abilify and tegretol.

I took the initiative to easy myself back down and I hovered around to mgs daily for most of that time. Ultimately, I went down to and then - 13 years ago - I took myself completely off. Never tried anything else. Or maybe they already have. Senior Member 7 years on site posts.

To me it is better than the Depokote I was on for years. Member 6 years on site 41 posts. VIP Member 8 years on site posts. We have many good MDJ threads about keeping track of taking your meds. Here mrsa and diabetes a couple of them: Share this with your friends.

Read Next Switching taking abilify from morning to night. I took it this morning so Help with Tegretol and Seroquel please. My does of Tegretol XR was increased 5 days ago and I have noticed my sex drive and ability has Ask Your Question Your question will be posted in Bipolar - for other topics use the search box.

Providing your email usually results in quicker answers optional we only use your email to notify you about answers. Any one taking Tegretol. Could have told me!!! Tegretol and seroquel with xanax? Did Lamictal or Tegretol make you less stable? What will happen if I drink alcohol while on tegretol and risperd. The information provided in MDJunction is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, treatment, or professional medical advice.


Interaction of abilify and tegretol