Faces of Mental Illness


Lack of love and mental illness

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Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, Julie was a shy introverted individual who secretly struggled with anxiety, depression, and obsessive thoughts beginning in her teens.

While maintaining high academic standing throughout her schooling, nobody would have recognized the challenges she was battling internally. During her first year of university, Julie began a downward spiral causing her to finally reach out for help.

Diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder in her 20s, Julie began a treatment of counselling and medication and began her road to recovery.

As a teacher, Julie has gained further appreciation of the need for support for youth living with mental illness. Inshe returned to Acadia University to obtain a Master of Education in Counselling, enabling her to work as a school counsellor.

B grew up on a small farm in East Central Alberta and spent the last 8 years working as a Paramedic, but is currently finishing up nursing school. B is happily married to his partner Alix, a pre-school teacher, and together they have a house full of foster fails. B and Alix are foster parents for a local animal rescue and have had all kinds of creatures furry and otherwise stay with them at one point or another.

B is a writer, avid reader, sports enthusiast, volunteer hockey coach, and loves everything to do with being outside, particularly camping, kayaking, hiking and travelling.

B is currently working to launch a website promoting advocacy and education for rural communities regarding LGBTQ issues and awareness. As an openly gay and transgender man, B proudly mentors queer youth from surrounding communities. Having also dealt with PTSD related to working as a first responder, B is intimately familiar with the mental health system and wants to promote improved mental health care resources in rural Alberta.

In MayShania lost her older sister Emerald to suicide, this hit Shania very hard. Shania fell into what felt like a dark tunnel, unable to see the lack of love and mental illness at the end. She was diagnosed with OCD and Depression. Soon after she started turning her written work into action, by becoming a Youth Motivational Speaker speaking to thousands across Canada and even speaking at WE Day Manitoba about the importance of imagining the possibilities. Shania has found power in using her voice to inspire, motivate and empower people of all ages to find their spark, light it up and keep hypothyroidism and azithromycin going.

Though his life was not immediately impacted by the disorder, his mental health spiralled during his late-twenties and for the subsequent 15 years. This led him to put his career on hold and seek treatment in a psychiatric hospital lack of love and mental illness months at a time. Due, in part, to effective medication and his faith, he was able to gradually regain control of both his personal and professional life. He hopes his efforts within his community will set an example and give hope to those living with OCD.

Sylvie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder five years ago, lack of love and mental illness a result of significant changes in her work environment that deeply affected her. Following her first diagnosis with adjustment disorder and falling into a deep depression shortly thereafter, Sylvie suffered a manic episode. This lead to a five-week-long forced hospitalization. Sylvie has always made promoting mental health in the workplace her priority, whether by educating her colleagues on the topic or by encouraging them to seek professional help when necessary, lack of love and mental illness.

Her free vetical gardening plans and products media presence serves to inform employers and raise awareness on the different challenges associated with mental illness and mental health.

She owes her recovery to the continued support of her family, friends and the benefits of years of regular physical activities. Despite numerous barriers along the way, Rachel has remained driven to learn about the conditions and commit to recovery. She began her advocacy lack of love and mental illness in high school by making presentations to staff and students about mental health and mental illness stigma. At 18, she has brought her passion for advocacy to the University of Winnipeg.

She has published a book about her experience with mental illness and its associated stigma. Her goal is to bring meaningful education about mental health and illness into Canadian maryland asthma and allergy center westminster. Update Over the last year, I have been regularly updating my online advocacy platform, This Is the Day, giving presentations to promote mental health awareness, volunteering for a literary journal, and working as a tutor for numerous students.

For more than 20 years, Martin has been living with a mood disorder and General Anxiety. He first went public with his medical condition inand has been discussing and writing about mental illness ever since. He credits writing about his illness and speaking publicly about it as helping with his own path to recovery and acceptance of his illness.

Update Lots of things have been going on the last few months. The 30 minute episode is an interview of me talking about my experience as a father living with mental illness as well as footage of me and my son and daughter, lack of love and mental illness. It drew around viewers and I got lots of positive feedback from it. I did two conference and have three more booked for this fall.

I am starting to really enjoy this live platform and my intention is to continue on that path. Again, I will never express enough gratitude toward CAMIMH for the opportunity, it opened so many doors for me and literally changed my life.

Graduating from university inChris had the world in his hands, his future fully planned. After a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder at 26, he was forced to end his teaching career abruptly. Chris made a decision to hide his illnesses, keeping them a secret while resorting to supply teaching. Working on his healing through numerous therapies, he made recovery a full-time job.

Inhe began writing a story about his battle. This became a driving force in his healing, bringing him purpose and meaning. Inhe released his story worldwide, and now writes and speaks, to fight stigma, lack of love and mental illness, and to provide inspiration, hope and healing. This has led Chris to write and publish several books, while continuing to promote awareness and change, lack of love and mental illness.

He has now spoken at well over venues. Update This year brought forth its share of surprises in my role as an advocate and Face with the ultimate goal of destroying the devastating effects of stigma. From September to June, I hosted over 50 mental health presentations throughout Ontario.

Presentations included elementary, intermediate, high schools, and organizations. Student presentations were held in Toronto, Cornwall, Brockville, Madawaska Valley, and the entire Ottawa region, allowing me the opportunity of sharing my story, and changing the way we perceive mental illness, providing resources and avenues to higher quality of mental health care.

I was also highlighted in a special video on poverty with the Toronto District School Board following a visit to Sloane Elementary where I shared my illustrated picture book, Sally. These can be found on my website at chrisnihmey. Over a three-year period, I worked with 14 mental illness survivors, and 10 mental health advocates to produce an anthology of mental health works from short stories, to poems, and biographies, etc.

Our goal is to end the stigma that is preventing sufferers from receiving compassion and acceptance, lack of love and mental illness, allowing them to thrive. His life continued in a downward spiral eventually leading to the tragic death of his grandmother, lack of love and mental illness. After being found Not Criminally Responsible, Brian began rebuilding his life in honour of his grandmother. The right combination of medication and treatment served as the foundation of his recovery.

He lack of love and mental illness became a model patient who was actively engaged in his own recovery as well as the recovery of his peers. Brian now has the tools to manage his mental health and is poised to make the most of his second chance at life. Update It was an honour to serve as a Face of Mental Illness and work with an amazing group of people committed to advancing mental health and the lives of people living with mental illness.

Although my time as a Face has come to an end, I continue to advocate. I am scheduled to deliver a speech for Ontario Works this September. I will also lyme diesease and weight gain loss at a conference in Hamilton next April where I will share my personal story of recovery.

I am also proud to announce that I have started a new career. Currently I am work in Transitional Discharge assisting those who are early in their recovery journeys. I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have been afforded to advocate for people living with complex mental illness, lack of love and mental illness.

Montreal-born Kharoll-Ann Souffrant comes from a Haitian background. Her family did not openly discuss issues like mental illness. Since her diagnosis 7 years ago, Kharoll-Ann learned to recognize how it manifests itself, lack of love and mental illness, rebuilt her confidence and regained control over her life. Given her involvement in her community since the age of 12, she believes that her commitment played an important part in her recovery.

Inshe chose to start sharing her story in public. I am still giving talks on my story every now and then, whenever I am available.

Andrea Paquette, AKA Bipolar Babe, was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 25 and she suffered deeply with psychosis, mania and depression resulting in two hospitalizations. Andrea experienced a very serious suicide attempt, but over time, she has accepted her illness and found hope in sharing her personal story with others. Inshe created the Bipolar Babe Project http: She is also co-founder of the Stigma-Free Zone Program http: She has presented her story to over 12, people, including youth in schools and numerous organizations across British Columbia.

For Dexter, talking about mental health was never something that was openly discussed. That, along with a traumatic incident at a young age would follow him into university, lack of love and mental illness.

Being diagnosed with depression and facing homelessness, Dexter wondered why no one talked about mental health in his community. This would lead him to disclosing his battle through the school newspaper. Since then, Dexter has helped organize awareness events, presented a Tedx talk, spoken at summits, universities and high schools and shared his story at a session of the World Bank and WHO in Washington D.

Dexter lives with Dysthymia and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Since his early childhood, Samuel noticed that he was constantly worried by big questions that no one else his age could relate lack of love and mental illness. Then after moving from rural New Brunswick to Ottawa and facing lack of love and mental illness high expectations from university, scholarships and peers, Samuel became more aware than ever that he may be living with a mental illness.

He subsequently sought treatment for a generalized anxiety disorder, lack of love and mental illness. Today, he uses tools and techniques to keep his anxiety manageable and continues to maintain an active and engaged life. Drawing from social and cultural experiences as a linguistic minority and gay man, Samuel combines professional and personal experiences to deliver powerful messages and fight stigma, while carrying out his projects with confidence.

He highly values his family and friends who feed his spirit and motivate him to evoke change and promote mental health and recovery for all. Before receiving her diagnosis, she was hospitalized on two occasions for depressive and manic episodes that included psychotic elements. She also turned to community resources which helped her better self-manage her symptoms.

Lack of love and mental illness leads a fulfilling life despite having to manage some residual symptoms. In addition to having led a great career as an actuary, she has travelled the ocean with her husband and son aboard their sailboat.


Lack of love and mental illness