Everything You Need To Know About A Semen Allergy

When his semen makes you burn--but not with desire

Latex and semen allergies

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After 14 years of marriage, Leticia Ortega developed allergies, not just to pollen and grasses and even gluten -- but to sex. Every time Ortega has sex, she swells up. She had no problems in her previous marriage that produced three children, latex and semen allergies, aged 13 to Also, it can make you insecure to constantly have red eyes and a runny nose. It makes you feel less sexual.

Latex and semen allergies common culprits are condoms and sex toys. Those allergic to latex react to the proteins found in natural, a milky fluid that comes from the rubber tree. A latex allergy can cause reactions ranging from itching and hives to difficulty breathing and deadly anaphylaxis, according to the Mayo Clinic.

And repeated exposure can make it worse. In fact, condoms make her sex allergy go away, which was one of the first clues in diagnosing her problem. She has seminal plasma hypersensitivity and the adverse symptoms are not from the sperm itself, but the proteins in the semen that carries it. She had the same reaction in another relationship just after her divorce, latex and semen allergies.

Her condition is an under-recognized problem and affects about 20, to 40, women in the United States, according to Dr. Jonathan Bernsteina professor at the University of Cincinnati, who specializes in allergies and immunology. Some women have been known to sleep with their new husband for the first time and break out in hives.

Women can experience abdominal swelling or a local reaction that they describe "like a needle sticking in to their vagina," according to Bernstein. Marie Heuttner of Humphrey, Nev. The "gold standard" for treating semen allergies is to lipitor and nystatin the proteins in the man and do skin testing on the woman to determine which are to blame, according to Bernstein. The woman can be injected with a small amount of the offending protein and desensitize her reaction, just as doctors do for bee sting allergies.

Interestingly, some research suggests that latex and semen allergies who have been exposed to dogs, then go on to have their first sexual encounter with a man, can develop this seminal allergy.

Fertility is never affected, according to Bernstein, though getting couples back in bed together certainly helps with reproduction. Play Courtesy of Leticia Ortega. Semen, Orgasms the Culprits? Woman Is Allergic to Her Husband. Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court justice amid protests.

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Latex and semen allergies