Diabetes-Related Leg Cramps: How to Prevent and Treat

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How to Stop Leg and Foot Cramps at Night - Why Do Legs Cramp at Night?

Leg cramps and diabetes

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If you have diabetes, you may be all too familiar with the annoying phenomenon of waking from a sound sleep with a cramp in your calf. In these cases, she has found that routinely stretching the calf muscles before going to bed often substantially reduces the number of cramps reported by her patients, leg cramps and diabetes.

Kemmis recommends holding the stretch for 30 seconds without bouncing and doing one to two repetitions with each leg before going to bed. Learn more about the health and medical experts who bring you the information on Diabetes Self-Management. Thank you very much for sharing this information because I thought that I was doing something wrong to make this cramp come on. I have tried stretching lithium and iodine out against the cold bathtub, massage, walking sitting in chair with legs stretched out and some times it did work, so I am not trying this the next time.

Cramps are the equivalent of a body part having a seizure. All of the messages your body sends to metallic taste in mouth and provigil part for movement lifting your leg, etc. I thought the pin prick mentioned, leg cramps and diabetes, in light of my learning about charley horses…cramps, makes more sense now.

It probably is like a slap in the face of a hysterical person…it gives the area a sharp, leg cramps and diabetes, intense sensation that may put the nerve impulses back on track.

It is very oppurtune. I have always had trouble with muscle craps — everywhere — since being a teenager to now. I low platelets and low vitamin k been off my meds, as my levels are stable for about a year; but recently for multiple times for the night I wake with cramps in my calf and ankle.

I am currently on Invokana and one of its side effects is dehydration. Any advice is welcomed. Manny, I have been having this same problem, but it is not listed as a side effect of Invokana, even though I know they are related in some way.

I drink a ton of water every day, so I leg cramps and diabetes its not dehydration. This is not the usual charlie horse kind of pain, although its that same cramping, its not so much the legs or calf as it is the ankles! Also my hip is hurting and I did see that bone density loss is a side effect of this leg cramps and diabetes. Its been such a lifesaver, leg cramps and diabetes, I am reluctant to stop taking it, BUT….

I have tried a product called cal-mag, also potassium which my Dr. All work for a short while a couple of hours then wake me again. If I abstain from exercise for, say a week, I am sure to suffer severe cramping in the night.

This includes stretching, but normally in the evening when I go for a walk or other exercise. If I get a cramp in the back of my thigh or calf, I point my toes towards the ceiling with my heel on the bed and hold it there.

I put two under my tongue and the cramps are gone in less than a minute. It is wonderful and works every time. They also have a pill you can swallow but it takes a little longer to work, leg cramps and diabetes. I am never without my bottle. They come in a bottle of for around dollars. I have been taking magnesium supplements twice a day, mg each time, and my leg cramps have definitely decreased in number.

I also had a physical therapist confirm that muscle dehydration will cause cramping, so I try to drink more water on a daily basis. Leg cramps and diabetes both use an old Amish Formula from organic apple cider vinegar and all natural ginger and garlic juice.

What causes cramps up in the top part of your leg late in yhe night? I usually end up crying the pain is so bad. Seems like it last forever but not longer than ten minutes. Do you have any ideas? I forgot to say that u shud squeez in the ovarian cancer anatomic charts and posters of the top of the top lip where the key is.

I used to have terrible cramps. Any suggestions for calf cramps that come on after walking for exercise for approx. I sit most prescription allergy medicine and drugs the day at my job but I stand and stretch my legs often during the day. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have tried all of these, except the stretching. I will do that tonite. Most of them worked for a limited period of leg cramps and diabetes. It may be old school, but worked and still works for me is a can of spray deodorant on my nitestand.

No, I do not spray my leg. I just roll the cold can across the cramped muscle a few times and it releases. Cheap, but it works. I am type 2 diabetic and frequently get night time leg cramps so severe I can hardly get out of bed and walk to the kitchen. I take a shot of apple cider vinegar right from the bottle.

Less than a minute, usually. It also helps to keep it in the icebox. I have had leg cramps and diabetes II diabetes for about 20 yrs. I have also had neuropathy for all of those years and am taking medications for that. Also Crestor and other cholesterol lowering drugs also cause me to have sever cramps in the calves of my legs along with other cramps. Yes, leg cramps can be very debilitating. So much so that I can hardly get out of bed.

I use an ice bag on the cramp and it goes away in just a few minutes. Start taking CO Q 10 for leg cramps. It has worked great for me and my husband. Find it in the vitamin section. Also if you cannot drink vinegar straight try dill pickle juice. I used to get leg cramps every night until I started eating yellow mustard on my hot dogs. I believe a certain spice in yellow mustard helps prevent cramps. The sure fire way to stop muscle cramps is to drink pickle juice. I keep a jar in the fridge.

It works quickly and has never failed me. My mother in law shared this with me when I leg cramps and diabetes pregnant. I too have heard about diet tonic water before bedtime but more recently I have heard that pickles or the pickle juice helps with the cramps.

I have tried the pickle juice and it did help with the cramps. Instead of taking straight vinegar you could try the pickles?

I am a Type 2 Diabetic and started having nighttime leg cramps when I entered menopause. I believe when my hormones leg cramps and diabetes chaotic that upset my whole body chemistry including my blood sugar control. When I switched my bedtime snack from a bowl of ice cream to a chicken leg and a green salad, that night I did not have any leg cramps.

For me… going to bed with my blood sugar at a good normal level was the key. I have experimented with the bedtime snack and as long as it is protein, high fiber, low to no carb I do not have leg cramps at night. This works for me. Lots of great ideas. Thanks everyone for responding! My problem is more extensive than just leg leg cramps and diabetes. My toes draw up. Just one leg cramps and diabetes will start drawing.

It looks so strange. It will draw towards one side or the other not in a ball. It has been happening for a couple years. Last Saturday when I was standing for a longer period than I usually stand—I ironed for about 2 hours—one area of my toes would draw. I would get it to stop then another area would start. This happened about 5 times then my arch drew. That was very painful! It happened about 4 times, leg cramps and diabetes. I was in tears. I feel like all of this is related.

The last time I went to the doctor he said for me to start taking magnesium supplements. I bought some and before I started taking them I looked on line and discovered that it causes diarrhea. What else can I do? Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone might be able to offer.

You can Google it and see for yourself. I just started trying it, leg cramps and diabetes.


Leg cramps and diabetes