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Lisinopril and clonidine

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It appears you have not yet Signed Up with our community. To Sign Up for free, please click here Ask our community of thousands of members your health lisinopril and clonidine, and learn from others experiences. There was a problem adding your email Try again. Do not copy or redistribute in any form! I ran out of Tylonol but I had some asprin. I thought most doctors recommended that people with HTN take asprin. My pressure is running a bit higher today but I believe it is unrelated.

Last edited by soflsun; at However, lisinopril and clonidine also has antiplatelet properties and because of that, in certain heart diseases, it is used together with low pressure medication, lisinopril and clonidine. I take Lisinopril and a baby aspirin every day, lisinopril and clonidine. Both my GP and the cardiologist I have seen never said not to. Maybe I will ask next time I see my doc. I take Lisinopril also and my doctor told me to take 80 mgs of aspirin daily for heart health.

Lisinopril and all ACE inhibitors can increase the amount of Vit. K in the blood and thereby affecting the anticoagulant drugs. So you can take aspirin and ibuprofen safely. They do tend to make the BP higher if you take them regularly If you take a low dose aspirin for heart and stroke prevention, you may actually need to take a higher dose depending on how high your ACE inhibitor dose is, lisinopril and clonidine. K in your blood.

If you are on a blood thinner, then lisinopril and clonidine know you have to avoid veggies high in Vit. Jennybyc, I am afraid that I have to express a different view: K in the blood" This is incorrect.

This board does not allow to include links, but lisinopril and clonidine can browse in Google books the "Hemostasis and thrombosis: Jesus, lisinopril and clonidine, you may be very correct. I worked it from the other angle. I have a daughter who had ITP and had to learn everything I could about platelet problems and anitcoagulant problems, lisinopril and clonidine, Vit K levels and what could and could not disturb them. Basically, I looked at it from a different angle. I have taken 40mgs of lisinopril for over 12 years and I have a very high platelet count I take an aspirin a day to thin it, lisinopril and clonidine.

I also take methotrexate and that too is supposed to thin the blood and affect platelets. I also take up to mgs of ibuprofen for arthritis pain daily and not one of my docs, including my hypertension specialist has ever told me to not take it.

And when my neurologist added a daily full strength aspirin every day, he did not stop that either. I must have some really bad docs if lisinopril has that opticlick for lantus and apidra of action on the platelets and they keep giving me these drugs. Heck, I was even on Coumadin lisinopril and clonidine 3 months with lisinopril and no one said anything about combining it with lisinopril.

I respect your knowledge and you certainly have your references. I will defer to your knowledge. I will continue to take the methotrexate, ibuprofen and aspirin as directed. All I was trying to say was that taking a couple of aspirin for a headache when you are on lisinopril, will not send you into a hypertensive crisis or cause a stroke. But the stress from thinking it might, might do harm, sorry for being wrong Thanks Jenny, I always feel weird about mixing medications.

Now I feel better about taking an lisinopril and clonidine when I need it. So since then I been very careful. Maybe I will move up to 20mg lisinopril afterall. I checked with my doctor and he said to continue with the 81 Aspirin daily and that it was fine. I say the pain as it also causes the body to produce all sorts of other chemicals and if not stopped, pain can become worse over time and then you need even more.

So stop the pain and then try to relax and get your pressure lower by relaxing. Do watch out for aspirin that also has caffeine in it. Many formulations of aspirin use it. That can be a bigger problem if your pressure is caffeine sensitive. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. BB code is On. I want my free account.

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Lisinopril and clonidine