Does Lithium cause Gallstones?

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Lithium side effects and gall stones

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You might not even know you have them until they block a bile duct, causing pain that you need to get treated right away. Bile can be part of the problem. Your body needs bile, but if it has too much cholesterol in it, that makes gallstones more likely. Pigment stones are more common in people with certain medical conditions, such as cirrhosis a liver disease or blood diseases such as sickle cell anemia.

This is one of the biggest risk factors. Obesity can raise your cholesterol level and also make it harder for the gallbladder to empty completely. You take birth control pillshormone replacement therapy for menopause symptomsor are pregnant.

The extra estrogen is the problem. It can increase cholesterol and make it harder for the gallbladder to empty. People with this condition tend to have higher levels of triglycerides a type of blood fatwhich is a risk factor for gallstones. You take medicine to lower your cholesterol. Some of these drugs boost the amount of cholesterol in bile, which may increase your chances of getting cholesterol stones. You lost weight too quickly, lithium side effects and gall stones. Your liver makes extra mrsa and trimethoprim, which may lead to gallstones.

Your gallbladder may not squeeze as much, lithium side effects and gall stones. You might not notice anything, or even know you have gallstones, unless your doctor tells you.

But if you do get symptoms, they usually include:. Blood tests to check for signs of infection or obstruction, and to rule out other conditions. This quick procedure lithium side effects and gall stones images of the inside of your body. Specialized X-rays allow your doctor to see inside your body, including your gallbladder.

Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography MRCP. This test uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio-wave energy to make pictures of the inside of your body, including the liver and the gallbladder. This test can check on whether the gallbladder squeezes correctly, lithium side effects and gall stones. Doctors inject a harmless radioactive material, which makes its way to the organ. The technician can then watch its movement. This test combines ultrasound and endoscopy to look for gallstones.

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography ERCP. The doctor inserts an endoscope through your mouth down to the small intestine and injects a dye to allow the bile ducts lithium side effects and gall stones be seen.

He can often then remove any gallstones that have moved into the ducts. Many people with gallstones get surgery to take out the gallbladder. There are two different kinds of operations. This is the more common procedure.

The surgeon passes instruments, a light, and a camera through several small cuts in the belly. He views the inside of the body on a video monitor. You usually go home the same day. The surgeon makes bigger cuts in the belly to remove the gallbladder. You stay in the hospital for a few days after the operation. If gallstones are in your bile ducts, the doctor may use ERCP to find and remove them before or during gallbladder surgery. These drugs work by dissolving cholesterol stones. Mild diarrhea can be a side effect.

The downside of using either medication is that you may have to take it for years to completely dissolve the stones, which may come back after you stop taking the drug.

Continued What Are the Symptoms? But if you lipid and cholesterol get symptoms, they usually include: Pain in your upper belly and upper back that can last for several hours Nausea Vomiting Other digestive problems, including bloating, indigestion and heartburnand gas How Do Imodium and colitis Diagnose Them?

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Lithium side effects and gall stones