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Lung cancer and fractures

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I think I can wrap my head around the concept of if there is cancer that has spread to your leg bone that it would deteriorate the bone. They are doing surgery lung cancer and fractures to insert a metal rod down the length of her femur. Is this just the start of more fractures to come?

How long would it take for her to be released? Unfortunately, sometimes if a bone is weakened by cancer it will break fractureeven without there being an accident or fall. This may happen with no real warning and it can be very frightening. This is known as known as a pathological fracture. These fractures are usually dealt with by an orthopedic team, so it is not really an area where I have an in-depth expertise as the treatment is not usually done in the cancer unit.

I am unsure if your mother in law was very mobile prior to the fracture. As a general rule of thumb if people are very immobile prior to the pathological fracture, they may not become fully mobile again. But even if this did not happen, the surgery should stabilise the fracture and help with the pain.

So doctors like to operate if this is at all possible. But the doctors would think very carefully about an operation if they thought someone only had a very short time to live weeks or days rather than months.

Unfortunately I am not sure that I can answer your question about the length of hospital stay, as I have very little experience of looking after people directly after this type of surgery, lung cancer and fractures, although I have certainly been involved in their care at a later date.

The team at the hospital should be able to advise you about the likely length of her hospital stay. You also wondered if your mother in law might experience more fractures, lung cancer and fractures.

There are ways that doctors can work out how likely bones are to break. If she is, they may suggest measures to reduce the chances of another fracture. This may include more surgery, radiotherapy or slings and braces to restrict the movement of the vulnerable bone. I hope that the surgery goes well and that your mother in law lung cancer and fractures a good recovery.

If we can help with anything else do contact us again. If you would like to telephone our freephone number is We are here from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm. Thank you for responding Jean.

I will see if they have been able to look into an assessment of her other bones that could hopefully ease some concerns for us or at least help us be more aware. The surgery did go well and she has actually been even more mobile than before the break! She had a brain scan and there is so far no cancer there. This is all just so overwhelming, lung cancer and fractures, everday is a new ordeal and feeling so helpless.

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Lung cancer and fractures