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The poinsettia is a beautiful flowering shrub native of Mexico. The poinsettia is the most popular and best-selling potted plant in the U. The global popularity of the plant was actually spread by an American who introduced the plant to the U. December 12 mexican traditions and art lesson plan National Poinsettia Day, it marks the death of Mr.

Poinsett and is meant to enjoy and mexican traditions and art lesson plan the beauty of the poinsettia. The use of hand held fans is also deeply entrenched in Latin American tradition. The craft, a paper fan decorated with a poinsettia, will provide a vehicle to have children participate in this multicultural experience or revisit the traditions in their culture.

These activities can be adapted for use as a Bible related activity to address the First Christmas - The Nativity -- review suggestions and Bible links at the bottom of this page. Display Materials and Suggestions 1. Display the Pp Poinsettia color poster prominently refer to it during the presentations and discussions. The potted plant can also be displayed to have children make their own painting, join the children in this art appreciation activity. Below are different suggested learning activities, mexican traditions and art lesson plan, educational links and a craft.

Decide which activities and how to structure the order of these activities based on your group or home schooling needs. While children are assembling the craft, coloring the Pp Poinsettia coloring page, or doing a painting, have some cheerful holiday music in the background. The poinsettia is special holiday gift in Latin American cultures.

It is given a number of different names in different regions or countries among them: The poinsettia can be seen decorating homes, and religious places of worship, particularly around an altar, mexican traditions and art lesson plan. The Aztec Indians used it for medicinal purposes and to produce a colorant, among other things.

Explore it and decide how would like to include its content in the activities. Hold a finished fan craft during this part of the discussion or have other examples of fans. The hand held fan has been used mostly by women in one form or another by many cultures. In Latin America it was used mostly to help ease the hot summer days. The fan could me made of many materials and often it could be folded accordion style folds.

A lady could mexican traditions and art lesson plan many fans to match her different outfits or special ones just for the holidays, like Christmas. Ladies would also use their fans during dances and also used "The Language of the Fan", for example, to admonish their children by gently tapping their leg with it a wordless, "Hush, little one This "Language of the Fan" distinct for different Latin American countriesmeant ladies would move or tap their fan in different ways to secretly convey messages.

Share with the children they will be making a poinsettia fan to celebrate the Christmas and winter holidays and possibly give it as gift to a special lady in their lives, like Mom, Grandma, other relative, child care provider or preschool teacher. The biggest misconception about poinsettias is that many believe that it is a poisonous plant, but it is not.

The main colors to identify and practice here are red, yellow and green. Printing and assembly options for Bear Head Craft Option 1: Print fan color template, cut out and tape or glue to a craft stick. Conduct learning activities of your choice above and assemble. Discuss colors on the template. Print directly on your choice of background color on sturdy construction or card stock preferably.

Conduct learning activities of your choice below and assemble. Ideas for making the craft with older children in mixed age groups, after school programs or at home halflytely and diabetes older siblings: Children can do most of the cutting and actually trace and cut the leaves on their own.

The petal areas can be filled with sequins, mexican traditions and art lesson plan, beads, and other similar craft materials, instead hydrochlorothiazide side effects and hair loss a cut-out petal. The craft stick can be painted and also embellished covering with a ribbon or paint.

Add a pretty bow and long streams of ribbon to the handle. Use a hole punch along the border of the fan. Start lacing from the handle and end by making a bow with red ribbon or yarn.

Activities Materials The poinsettia is a beautiful flowering shrub native of Mexico.


Mexican traditions and art lesson plan