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Military and police caps

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Includes a useful hat-size chart comparing international hat sizes. We are not tailors or military outfitters, but sell collectable used hats. Unless customers specify sizes, we assume that hat size is not important to them and military and police caps are collectors who would not necessarly want to wear items in their collection.

Keflex and acid reflux hats are in good condition, but are generally not new. Many are one-off items and we cannot guarantee to have specific sizes. One of the first things that a British soldier does on being issued with a hat is to remove the size label. A beret can either shrink or stretch depending on how the original owner washed it, so even if it still has a size label it is very difficult for me to tell the true size of the hat.

All I can do is to try wearing it and guess I take a size 60 so smaller sizes are difficult for me judge accurately, military and police caps. Modern British hats use metric sizes military and police caps this is the circumference of the head in centimetres and can be measured using a cloth military and police caps measure. The following size chart may help. We prefer that you do not specify hat size when ordering.

Most hats are stocked as single quantities and it is very time-consuming for us to military and police caps hats for size. If you insist on hats of specific sizes, please use metric sizes when ordering - this is because traditional British hat measurements look similar to US hat sizes, but are penis swelling and seafood allergy different military and police caps as shown on the chart above.

Orders for hats of specific sizes will be put to the bottom of the order-pile for us to deal with when we have more time. Prices are in British Pounds Sterling and you may order online or order by mail. The first 6 figures of each line is our Stock Serial Number - use this when ordering, military and police caps. Where applicable, the code in brackets before the price is a reference to standard reference books.

If Royal Mail costs exceed this amount, military and police caps, then the charge will be higher. Please see our How to Order page. The British Button Society has an identification service. The British Button Society was founded in by a group of people interested in collecting buttons and researching their history.

Staybrite Army Cap Badges We currently have over different types of Staybrite army cap badge for sale. Staybrite Uniform Buttons We currently have around different types of military Staybrite uniform button for sale. Other Military Uniform Buttons We currently have over different types of non-Staybrite uniform button for sale - these are mainly older buttons, including brass, gilt, mounted, horn, plastic, and silver-plated types.

These are mainly British, but include a variety of overseas buttons, mainly from the British Commonwealth. Rank Badges We currently have over different types of rank badge for sale, including: Canadian Insignia We currently have over different Canadian uniform badges and buttons.

Airborne Insignia We currently have around different items of airborne insignia for sale, including Drop-Zone flashes and worldwide parachute wings. Hat Size Table One of the first things that a British soldier does on being issued with a hat is to remove the size label.

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Military and police caps