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Missouri day and lesson plans

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Try a Google custom search: History Activities and Lessons Search eNotes large collection of history lesson plans, activities, guides, missouri day and lesson plans, and reproducibles, many of which are free once you join also FREE! Lesson Plans for AP U. See their chronological inde x of available lesson plans. National Archives and Records: Teaching with Documents Lesson Plans Docs Teach Wonderful teaching activities and lesson plans based on primary documents in the archives that can be viewed online.

Lessons are correlated to national standards for history, civics, and government. Library of Congress Lesson Plans Another site with many terrific lesson plans. Organized by topic or search their site. See also National History Day in Minnesota. Quite a few integrate music and history. They are currently redoing their educational resources, but hopefully everything will be available soon. A 5th-grade lesson plan from Houghton Mifflin Social Studies.

Oral History and Social History This lesson presents social history content and topics through the voices of ordinary people. The American Dream Investigate the American dream with this online lesson. History Channel Home Page. History Timelines An excellent history resource. Scroll down the page for timelines and history resources in a variety of areas. The History Place An excellent resource. HyperHistory Online Another excellent history resource.

Eye Witness to History A well-indexed collection of first-hand accounts diaries, newspaper interviews, etc. An excellent resource for history lesson plans. Today manic depression and asthma History Lists events that happened on every date of the year. Great way to start your class!! Collecting, Preserving, and Researching History, missouri day and lesson plans. Access historical documents from the Library of Congress.

Lesson Plans and Resources Land Ho: Early Exploration and Settlement of the Americas A 1st-grade unit in pdf format. See also Columbus and the Conquistadors. The Discovery of the Americas: A play About Early Explorers An elementary-grade lesson plan.

Something is going on with this page! Scroll down for the lesson. See also Exploration and Explorers for more lesson plans from the Library of Congress. New World Explorers Lesson plans and activities from Missouri day and lesson plans. What Was Columbus Thinking? See also Other Worlds: The Voyage of Columbus. Lessons of the Explorers Lesson ideas and resources from Education World.

See also Explore the Explorers Online. Viking Discoveries A missouri day and lesson plans school lesson plan from Discovery Education.

A lesson plan for grades See also American Colonial Life in the s: A Student-Created Play for other lesson plans from this source. The Pilgrims A grade 5 unit integrating literature and the social studies.

For Thanksgiving lesson plans and units, go to Holiday Lesson Plans. Colonial Williamsburg Take an electronic field trip and experience colonial life. Click on Education to find the electronic field trips as well as teacher resources. The Founding of the Thirteen Colonies A unit for third grade.

For background information, go to Colonial Timeline and 13 Originals. A Hypertext Timeline My latest Web project, this annotated, missouri day and lesson plans, clickable timeline missouri day and lesson plans American educational history extends from to the 21st Century. See the accompanying activity, American Educational History: Back in the Day: The Salem Witch Trials A lesson plan for grades See also Salem Witch Trials for a 5th-grade unit.

See also Ben Franklin for a lesson plan from Discovery Education. See also Jefferson vs. The Betsy Ross Story: A lesson plan from Education World, missouri day and lesson plans. See also Betsy Ross Home Page. See also French and Indian War. See also Espionage in the American Revolution. Why Do We Remember Revere? The Declaration of Independence: See also The Declaration of Independence: See also George Washington: The Precedent President for a lesson plan for grades Navy immediately following the Revolutionary War, missouri day and lesson plans.

See also The Constitution: Drafting a More Perfect Union. Click here for a similar lesson plan from this same source. Thomas Jefferson A lesson plan for grades from Discovery Education. For Teachers Resources from Monticello: The Home of Thomas Jefferson. See the lesson plans in the right-side index.

See also Grades and Grades Native American Heritage Month Resources for teachers. Three Native American Groups A thematic unit for kindergarten. The Earliest Immigrants A middle-grade lesson plan missouri day and lesson plans theories about the origins of the first inhabitants of North America. Migration Theories Lesson ideas and background information regarding the land-bridge and coastal-route theories. The Ultimate Fishing Spot? For another lesson from this source, see also Indians and Whites: The Sand Creek Massacre.

Not Indians, Many Tribes: Native American Diversity A lesson plan for grades involving the use of primary documents. Anishinaabe - Ojibwe - Chippewa: Culture of an Indian Nation Another lesson plan for grades See also Trail of Tears for a middle-grade unit.

Revisiting Pocahontas A middle-grade or high school unit in which students engage in a critique of the historical and cultural accuracy of the Walt Disney film, "Pocahontas. Sioux Treaty of A secondary lesson plan using historic documents from the National Archives and Records Administration. American Indians and the Natural World: The Native Americans Another excellent resource with a great deal of information. For other Native American resources, go to the Multicultural Page.

Thomas Jefferson A lesson plan for grades from Discovery. The Monticello Classroom Lesson plans and other resources from Monticello: Accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson One lesson plan from the above site.

Historical Opinion and Slavery A secondary lesson plan. See their Curriculum Guide. See also The Good, Bad, missouri day and lesson plans Ugly:


Missouri day and lesson plans