10 Tips to Beat Motion Sickness

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Motion sickness and morning sickness

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Sea Sickness If you are a fellow sea sickness sufferer then you have my sympathy. Then there are the poor souls who get sick even on the calmest of seas. It all adds up to an awful lot of trips dreaded, and cruises ruined!

So, what can we do to prevent sea sickness? Larger boats and ships are generally more stable and therefore the better bet but see boxed text below.

Alternatively you may prefer to minimize your exposure by choosing fast services such as those offered by a hydrofoil or catamaran. Are big ships better for sea sickness sufferers? Larger ships usually have two or more stabilizer fins on the hull which largely eliminate the side-to-side rocking motion. Every boat and ship moves through the water in its own particular way - some may affect motion sickness and morning sickness badly, and some may be just fine.

Trevor on January 19, Do you have any advice on traveling on a hydrofoil - a four hour journey yuck - thank you. Can you help me? Hi I am happy to see this page. I am student of maritime faculty. I will be Captain, now I am deck cadet. I have spent time on ships and I realized that I have sea sickness during my sea training. I have lived difficult times when everyone on ship eat, I can not even think eating.

It is the worst thing in the world. I have to do this job after 2 weeks later I am going to go to motion sickness and morning sickness again for sea training. I will stay on ship for 8 months. My ship will pass oceans and in oceans you can see very big storms that can kill me: Please tell me what should I do.

Thanks for your attention. As someone who gets really grim nausea when a passenger, I was very worried about having to cross the Irish Sea [infamous for roughness] twice in one day, as we were freighting a large and fragile item. What was unusual, the work journey [40 mins] usually has me feeling a bit sick, motion sickness and morning sickness, but this time I was able to swivel round, chat to those sitting behind, and no nausea at all!

Then, later that evening, we had to do the Port journey. After many jesus and no plan b of journeying, I returned home, and felt an odd sensation of the floor moving motion sickness and morning sickness I was still on the ship [but have had this before] I did have meclizine and fluid retention positioned correctly [I think] but they just felt a bit uncomfortable Will try them again, on a short journey, motion sickness and morning sickness, as the drug free part of these appeals.

Several times per year I travel on a ship and got badly seasick the first time. The first trip I took ginger-based anti-seasick tablets and I found they are next to useless for me at least.

I tried them and they worked. The active ingredient is hyoscine hydrobromide so it may be available under different brand names in other countries. The only thing I recommend is having a tablet a day or more before the trip to get used to the effect they have.

Overall, I love travelling on boats now and am planning on buying my own. I am an Motion sickness and morning sickness Water Swimmer. Typically doing Tri-Athlons with a one mile swim. Once did a swim meet with a prescribed medication, motion sickness and morning sickness. It nearly put me to sleep while swimming. Leave a comment Name or pseudonym: The information on this site is solely for your private use in preventing motion sickness. You may link to me or make printouts for your own personal use, but no parts of these pages may be reproduced, sold or transmitted in any form without our written permission.

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Motion sickness and morning sickness