Contrast Allergy and Shellfish

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Mri and shellfish allergy

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The pearl noted that iodine is found throughout our bodies and is added to most kinds of table salt used in the United States. Our thyroid glands need iodine to function properly.

While seafood contains iodine, the allergies to seafood are due to muscle proteins, not to the iodine. Administration of steroids has no effect on whether a severe reaction will occur. Severe reactions to contrast media occur in 0. Cool video explaining allergic reactions WC. It seems counter intuitive though that your body would damage itself with histamine trying to protect itself from repeat allergens.

Iodine is synonymous with seafood in the allergy box, so it would be hard to break that thought process. You know, I had a reaction to contrast dye. Im not allergic to shellfish. I did take a antihistamine, I still had new crops of rash for 3 days after.

This article explains it better than I could do, but it seems to be an anaphylactoid reaction to the hypertonicity of the contrast material. Having been mri and shellfish allergy nurse is a blessing and a curse at times. And a curse in that I am an emergency nurse! Sitting around and talking about management of acute M. Which leads me to one other, slightly off-topic question.

Why is it mri and shellfish allergy assumed that if you are allergic to one type of shellfish, mri and shellfish allergy, you are allergic to all of them? My grandmother had anaphalaxis with lobster but could eat shrimp. I have a strong asthmatic reaction to both lobster and scallops but shrimp and crab are fine.

I wondered that too. I am allergic to ALL invertebrate sea dwellers as best I can tell although I have never eaten a Sponge or an Echinoderm so who knows about them. However, I am much less allergic to mollusks than to plastics and cancer. What I have always wondered also is am I allergic to insects?

Not that I have the motivation to eat those grasshopper tacos they sell in Mexico. On Monday I was at the hospital with my Brother-in-law, as they wheeled him away for the CAT scan, I heard the technician asking about seafood and shellfish allergies. My mother and sister had a baffled look on their faces and thought maybe the technician thought his migraine mri and shellfish allergy allergy induced.

I felt smart when I explained he was going to be getting contrast and the technician was just trying to gage the reaction possibilities. If this study is accurate, there is little point to asking those questions to patients, mri and shellfish allergy. I wonder is there is a genetic marker that might indicate someone is more likely to suffer a contrast reaction.

If the reaction is IgE-mediated, then previous reactions would be a gauge. I am allergic to shellfish and have no problem with contrast media. However, I know some people that have had reactions to it and were not allergic to shellfish and then needed subsequent studies so mri and shellfish allergy got pretreated with steroids and they had no reaction.

Our house uses Isovue for everyone now even though it is more expensive, mri and shellfish allergy. About the only type of seafood I really like is the shellfish variety, so it would be a sad day in my house if I were allergic to it. When did we give techs mri and shellfish allergy ability to over-rule MDs? Different hospitals, different practices. Sometimes what the patient tells me is enough to convince me.

But WC, are you also saying that even if a pt never had a reaction to any previous radiologic testing. I reacted to xray contrast many years ago. I also became allergic to shrimp shortly thereadter. Anonymous on January 27, 9: Amy on January 28, mri and shellfish allergy, 1: Albinoblackbear on January 28, 9: If the reactions are not IgE mediated what is the etiology?

WhiteCoat on January 30, 9: Albinoblackbear on January 30, 1: LibraryGryffon on January 28, 9: ERP on February 1, Don Miller on January 28, I wonder is there is a genetic marker that might indicate someone is more likely to suffer a contrast reaction Reply. Elizabeth on January 28, 7: I had anaphalaxis with the contrast dye and I have never had a problem with shellfish. ERP on January 29, 3: Steve on January 29, 8: How about refusing to do any x-rays without a negative pregnancy test?

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Mri and shellfish allergy