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Breast implant illness is a period of sickness affecting the body caused by silicone or saline breast implants. Once you recognize yourself in the above symptoms and realize your breast implants are the cause of your symptoms and illness, it is best to stop wasting precious time and money on testing and misdiagnoses and rather go straight to EXPLANT. There neausa and diabetes no definitive test s to prove that your breast implants are the cause of your symptoms and illness but the following medical tests have been used to investigate common problems in us caused by breast implants, silicone, silicone chemicals, heavy metals and biotoxin from fungus and other infections however many women show just inside normal ranges in regard to testing and are still very ill and symptomatic:.

Medical Lab Tests 1. COM Checks for mold biotoxin The Silicone Hypersensitivity Panel betterlabtestsnow. It is a panel of 19 items, including materials commonly used in breast implants, and related possible irritants. Please note this test does NOT test for silicone levels within your body, only sensitivity to it.

Testing for sensitivity to: Genetic Testing through https: My MTHFR status accounted for some of my own particular health picture including my level of toxicity from breast implants and heavy metals and my very low B12 which neausa and diabetes many of our symptoms. I have Neausa and diabetes genetic variants that affect my ability to methylate break down toxins and to detox metals.

Many of us do have MTHFR genetic variants and without supporting our methylation pathways with specific nutrients neausa and diabetes little detoxing and healing will happen. After receiving the raw data from 23andme, neausa and diabetes. The ION Profile is a nutritional analysis through Genova that measures over key nutrient biomarkers and ratios that can help identify nutritional shortfalls that may be contributing to complex chronic conditions.

The ION Profile evaluates organic acids, fat-soluble vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, homocysteine, oxidative stress markers, nutrient and toxic elements, fatty acids, and amino acids. Breast implants deplete many of our important nutrients and minerals which drive our enzyme systems and thus our health processes. DNA Connections Full View test through DNA Connections which identifies bacteria, neausa and diabetes, viruses, fungi and parasites in removed teeth, blood, neausa and diabetes, tissue, implants, bone grafts or other biological samples.

Using PCR, one of the most advanced tools in molecular biology today, specificity of this test is one in a trillion or greater and the sensitivity of the test is the ability to detect neausa and diabetes DNA of between 1 and 10 microbes. DNA Connexions provides Full View test kits for collecting blood, tissue, teeth, root canals, cavitations, implants, bone neausa and diabetes, paper points, neausa and diabetes, swabs, floss, and saline.

Samples do not have to be orally based or obtained by a healthcare professional. Breast implant illness occurs in both saline and silicone implants and is a very multifaceted illness. For both saline and silicone breast implants a strong and immediate response to the silicone shell directly after implantation may be predicated by your genes specifically HLA B27, HLA DR52 and HLA DR53 which are genes associated with being ill in the first year after implantation and a higher sensitivity to silicone.

Our overwhelmed immune system eventually switches over to attacking itself instead of attacking invaders. This is known as switching from TH1 dominance to TH2 dominance and it light headed and cancer symptoms when the immune system developes antibodies against itself instead of killer T-Cells to kill what it perceives to be abnormal cells.

Eventually, both saline and silicone breast implants cause immune system failure by overwhelming the immune system and allowing various infections in the body to gain a foothold and cause many of our symptoms. These infections can neausa and diabetes bacterial, viral, fungal or parastical. Capsules which are the scar tissue built by our own body to encase and protect us from the implant are often necrotic and full of biofilms of microorganisms feeding on the necrotic capsule itself.

These microorganisms produce metabolites known as biotoxins which are toxic to us. Textures on implants neausa and diabetes a whole new level of infection as the textures soak up body fluids and provide spaces for microorganisms to dwell and feed. Many of us also have pathogens and parasites in our gut due to bad gut health and even past our gut as they inhabit our body because there is little immune opposition to them due to immune deficits.

As you can see saline and silicone implants profoundly damage our health in many ways. Simply put silicone does not belong in our body and is a biologically active and toxic substance that causes immune problems, endocrine problems and systemically poisons and impairs our glands and organs. Saline were deemed the safe implant however due to valve ports and faulty valves they become colonized with mold producing biotoxins. Despite the ten year safety plan, I noticed breast implant symptoms such as fatigue, brainfog, slow recovery, muscle pain and hypothyroid in the first couple years after implantation.

Before explantation surgery, my surgeon asked me if I wanted my implants back and they were brought to me a few hours after I woke from surgery. Or you can click the Facebook button at the end of any page of this website which will also take you directly to the support group. I look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants, neausa and diabetes.

Please see the comment form below. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Horrible back and chest pain diagnosed with RA. I had saline put in in and switched to gel in Brain fog, frequent urgent urination, back rashes, Rocasea, ear ringing and hair loss to name a few. I explanted in July and all but the ear ringing has improved dramatically. So thankful for this website! And i would even go as far as to say that it was a humble description.

I couldnt even swallow food without choking on it. The rash was purple and blue and huge and raised and hurt like hell. If i could save one person from ruining their life, i would definitely, and strongly, argue against anyone getting breast implants.

I am so thankful for finding this site. My implants have been in for 18 years. For about 5 years or so I have been experiencing most of these neausa and diabetes. I have had every test done, neausa and diabetes, to no avail.

However, I am now looking to have them removed, and I am so relieved that I can finally start getting healthy again. This was such neausa and diabetes literature! I have shared this with many of my girlfriends.

I neausa and diabetes astonished at how many boxes I checked when reading over this materiel. Thank you so much for gathering this informative piece. I have had my silicone implants for 18 years and have always been really happy with them as breast feeding my first 2 kids left me with absolutely no breast tissue which was physiologically distressing as a woman! I have had constant chronic illnesses for approx 14 of these 18 years with chronic fungal issues, sibo, food intolerances, a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis, neausa and diabetes, etc etc the list of ailments is almost identical to the list of symptoms provided on this wonderful web page.

I have been in denial as to whether the implants could be the reason behind such ill health until recently neausa and diabetes i started to accept that i needed to look into the maintenance of them at the very least, neausa and diabetes. In the last few months I have had burning around the right breast with pain extending into the arm pit with the pain now waking me up during the night, neausa and diabetes.

I started to investigate illness associated with implants a few weeks ago, and was shocked to uncover multiple social media platforms documenting thousands of women who are suffering as I am, and who have had or are having explants, neausa and diabetes. This week my health has truely declined Levaquin and patent expiration can barely walk, due to joint pain and fatigue, I am so nauseated and I ache from head to toe.

My right Breast is burning. I will be contacting a surgeon listed on this web site ASAP to start the explant process. I am TERRIFIED to say the least frightened of the procedure, of the pain i know i must neausa and diabetes making cleaning and sanitation plans op and of the disfigurement but if other women out there are doing it, I can do it. We are collectively one big voice that is telling the medical fraternity that this has to stop, neausa and diabetes.

Blessing for establishing this web page. I have a lot of these symptoms and have been going through lots of testing, neausa and diabetes. What nutreition and diabetes the one test that I should ask for to look for toxicity?

Also, once you have the implants removed do you start to heal and feel better immediately? Hi Jodie, Please see neausa and diabetes tests listed on this page: Was so very sick. Still hav debilitating flares, neausa and diabetes.

Hi Jennifer, Yes, the capsule tissue if left behind will neausa and diabetes to stimulate the immune system to respond to a foreign body and so then the immune system never modulates.

So I am exhibiting some of these symptoms and I have had mine about 12 years, neausa and diabetes. If you get them removed and get new ones implanted is there any risk of it happening again? I am worried about my skin being stretched out. Hi Stacy, Symptoms usually do not go away when you replace your implants, many women notice a further decline in health upon replacement, neausa and diabetes.

I have silicone gel implants a year ago. My Neausa and diabetes thinks it maybe a side effect from my inplants. I have been neausa and diabetes with so many of the symptoms you mentioned above, never figuring out why i am always so fatigued, in a brain fog, chronic sinusitis, etc.

I had saline implants put in me in My doctor can never figure out why I cannot seem to ever feel better. This explains so much. I have tried so many things like giving up dairy, alcohol, sugar, neausa and diabetes, processed foods.

I am so glad I found your website. Hi Shellee, Yes, its a possibility. You likely have lizards and asthma symptoms from the list here: Hi there, I am fairly new to this site and the Facebook group, neausa and diabetes. I was diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis about 6 years ago so I have dealt with autoimmune issues for some time.

I had a right mastectomy last November due to Breast Cancer. I had a tissue expander placed at that time. I had the expander for about 3 months. I know that tissue expanders are also made of silicone and wonder if that was actually my first symptom.

Do you think that is possible?


Neausa and diabetes