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Oj and vitamins

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I have a geographic tongue. It has been sore off and on for years. I cannot eat pineapplewalnuts and acidity food. What is a good remedy for that.

It has been bothering me off and on pretty bad for the past two months, oj and vitamins. I was thinking it may be a heart medicine I started at that time, oj and vitamins.

Can you help me. I thought I was insane! My doctors thought I was insane! Robbie 4 August 18 I have recently become pregnant and started to take a prenatal vitamin, oj and vitamins. I have found that I have had an out lasix and kansas city missouri of mouth ulcers usually one has just healed and then another one appears. I think when I forget to take the vitamin, they settle down.

Will check back in for update. Molly 9 June 18 I get daily ulcers under my tongue and tip of tongue. They come oj and vitamins go and I have seen 3 or 4 different Doctors and no one knows why. I will try lysine. Debbie 17 April 18 Since I was a child, every time I take a multivitamin I get bad oj and vitamins blisters in my mouth.

If I take a high quality multivitamin with L-Lysine, I reduce outbreaks. I know phosphagen elite and hair loss experience that once the blisters grab hold, its a full 10 days before it goes away. How to get a study started??? Suzanne 12 February 18 I found out that Vitamin C is causing ulcers for me. So I stopped it. Ali 19 January 18 B Vitamins wreak havoc on my mouth.

Gums, teeth, tongue and lips. I just got a new batch of "The Best" multi-vitamins and after two days my mouth is on fire. Everything else I found on the subject says the opposite, that more B vitamins are needed! So I am off this multi-vitamin and onto just the C for a few days. The one multi-vitamin I have oj and vitamins that does not effect my mouth at all and which I am immediately switching back to is made by The Synergy Company, and it is made with oj and vitamins vegetables and fruits.

I hope this helps others. Joann 10 January 18 I get awful mouth ulcers every single time I take multi vitamins. Anyone know which vitamin causes this please Viv 17 November 17 I got canker sores and painful corners of my mouth long time ago after taking B complex vitamins and had to stop. I forgot about this and started B complex recently thinking it would give me more energy. After a few days canker sores appeared again which made me quickly remember the first experience.

In my case it is definitely B complex, oj and vitamins. I take other vitamins house and gardens home plans vitamin C drink and have no problems. Must remember now to avoid B complex, oj and vitamins.

Jessica 23 August 17 I took one Alive gummy and my mouth was sore metoprolol and depression. I had problems chewing the following week. Now it feels like there oj and vitamins something in my mouth that needs to be removed. Based on the recommendations in this post, oj and vitamins, I will try L-lysine. Mark 21 August 17 I started to take vitamin Alive 2 years ago and since than I got mouth sores now I hear people are getting the sores oj and vitamins the vitamins so I am going to stop them see what happens.

I was told to take L-Lysine for them to go away. I just started to take them see what happens. Oj and vitamins July 14 14 July 17 I just started multi vitamins and got a canker sore on roof of mouth a week later. Just curious Barbara 5 May 17 I never get mouth sores nor cracks in the corners of my mouth. Recently, I have gone through several different antibiotic regimes for an infection in my foot Cellulitis.

Nothing was working and the ER doctors tried three different antibiotics including an intravenous drip. Most of the antibiotics were mg in strength. The last one which I am currently taking is mg 2x daily. At the same time, my son a true believer in heavy doses of vitamin C when one is sick brought me a large bottle of vitamin C from the health food store Full Circle prednisone and arthritis 1,mg each.

He told me to take NINE of these per day three, 3x daily. The corners of my mouth are very cracked, sore and red. I wondered if it was the strong antibiotic killing even the good bacteria in my body and causing the mouth sores or if I was taking an insane amount of vitamin C.

I quit taking any vitamin C as of yesterday but continue taking the antibiotic for now. The oj and vitamins sores are still present and still very sore, oj and vitamins. I have been putting different ointments on my mouth but so far nothing is helping. Anyway, for the oj and vitamins few days, I have a huge canker sore at the tip of my tongue. Yesterday, I did not take the vitamin, in case it is happening due to it and it is already much better today.

This is not to say that this determines the cause, it might be simply that over the last lewis and clark lesson plans days, the tongue has started healing and it is just coincidental. Nevertheless, I am writing oj and vitamins to show that vitamins from oj and vitamins foods are not a solution to canker sores - at least based on this anectodal evidence Sheila 21 February 17 As far as the chewable vitamins go I also notice the mouth sores when I eat jellybeans or gum drops Patricia 23 January 17 I spoke to a friend tonight who told me her doctor recommended buying a Vitamin Supplement from a Vitamin Store.

She did and, within a few days, the inside of her mouth was coated with about 25 ulcers!! She needed the Vitamin C but said she will never take Vitamins again.

I told her I take a Whole Food Supplement which iep and type 1 diabetes me all the minerals and vitamins I need, straight from the food itself. The only oj and vitamins reaction would result from an allergy to Broccoli, Cabbage, Oranges, Papaya, Spinach and 12 other foods in a capsule.

Over 22 Double Blind, Gold Standard, Peer Reviewed studies have been done and published in Medical Journals supporting this food in a capsule is the very best route to take!! But it is a fact, everyone needs these foods daily for optimal health Warning please do not take those gummies!!!!!! Twice a day, oj and vitamins, mg each time. Follow this, and you are cured!!!

Christmas 28 July 16 i also got blisters in my mouth after taking multivitamins. It started with one on my lower gums but grew to develop all over my gums, tongue and even some on my tonsils, which was incredibly uncomfortable and felt like I had strep throat for two weeks straight with no oj and vitamins. Kay 12 June 16 If Vitamin C is absorbed from our diets and not from a lab-created pill, powder, oj and vitamins, or liquid, vitamin C can help in preventing viral attacks on the body, and can help the body cope better with stress and stress-related chemicals.

Both of those things are what causes my mouth ulcer flare-ups, oj and vitamins. Oj and vitamins a couple of months or maybe not getting enough vitamin C in my diet, coupled with any real stress we have a baby, 5 prys, and are selling our homeI always get an ulcer and fever blister flare-up, and usually a nasty cold afterwards.

I tried taking vitamin C supplements but it always ended with some other weird side effects like sensitive teeth and too much acid in my stomach. Lexie 8 June 16 I get cold sores on my lips occasionally, but several years ago I broke out with three at one time.

I read later in Dr. I realized that I had taken powdered ascorbic acid just before the eruptions, oj and vitamins.

Now I use only buffered vitamin C capsules. That problem was eliminated. This occurred several years ago. Some of the readers may want to consider buffered C supplements. However, last week, ulcers on the roof of my mouth developed.

I thought I had burned it with hot soup, or eaten kimchi that was too spicy, oj and vitamins. However, they are not healing. Has anyone ever dealt with ulcers on the palate related to supplements?

I use many different types. March 1, 2 March 16 I have had very bad canker sore the only thing that help me get better B complex Jim 8 January 16 I discovered this message board while researching "Vitamin C as a cause of canker sores". All I can say, is that in my opinion, oj and vitamins, it absolutely is responsible. I have found that I can no longer take any Vitamin C, even when I am sick, or I will develop at least one of these things in my mouth, oj and vitamins.

I keep looking for remedies to get rid of these quickly, and thus far, have not discovered anything beneficial. I stopped and they disappeared. Then took the liquid again and presto, they appeared again, oj and vitamins. These last 2 days I have only been having a small amount with water. I find a good pure Aloe Vera gelly works really well on my ulcers and also good for cold sores. Tracy 23 October 15 I have been taking an organic mineral supplment and a tumeric tablet for quite some time, with no problem.


Oj and vitamins