Asthma operation to be offered free on NHS will be life-changing for thousands of patients

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Operations and asthma

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Surgery may have a role to play in helping patients with mild to severe asthma. The project began three years ago with funding from Broncus Technologies Inc. Building on experience from animal studies, St. John Miller, Head of the Division of Thoracic Surgery, carried out limited bronchial thermoplasty in patients who were scheduled to have lung surgery.

A controlled thermal energy of less heat then a hot cup of coffee, operations and asthma, is delivered to the airway wall to prevent smooth muscles in the airway from contracting. Under general anesthetic, a surgeon inserts a device just below the voice box.

Thirty to 40 airways are treated at once, with treatment of the entire airway taking three sessions. Having found that this novel technique could be used safely to interfere with muscle in the airway wall, Dr.

Miller, in collaboration with respirologist Dr. Gerard Cox of St. After suffering from asthma for 14 years, Brenda Donohue, 40, underwent the lesson plan and citation. My quality of life is better.

The results were recently presented at the annual meeting of the AmericanThoracic Society held in Atlanta. The concept that surgery may have a role to play in the treatment of asthma is exciting great interest.

Now that it menapouse and birth control been established that the new procedure can be carried out safely in people with asthma, Drs.

Miller and Cox will move on to the next phase of the investigation which is to examine whether bronchial thermoplasty is an effective treatment for asthma.

The researchers are careful to point out that there is no expectation that this new procedure will cure asthma. It is expected that this surgical procedure will have an impact on disease processes in a way that reduces the severity and frequency of symptoms.

Thus bronchial thermoplasty may become one of the many treatments that are available for the management of asthma. The new trial will be carried out in a number of sites across Canada and in Europe.

Miller and Cox expect to study operations and asthma patients over the next two years. The study hopes to demonstrate that bronchial thermoplasty is effective as measured by reduced need for medications to control symptoms as well as a reduced frequency of deterioration in asthma control. Miller is the principal investigator of the Canadian Lung Volume Reduction Surgery trial that examines the role of surgery in operations and asthma common chronic respiratory disease, that is emphysema.

He is also a site investigator for another novel approach to emphysema which involves placement of stents to relieve airway obstruction.

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Operations and asthma