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Parrots and diabetes

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User Name Remember Me? Sounds fabulous to me, parrots and diabetes. You have a house sparrow? Or maybe an avian vet He chews holes -uh- designs - in cloth. I sell them in my eBay Gallery.

The Pet of the Day. I would do without the currants and sunflowerseeds, but that also would depend on the percentage in the mix. Because the parrot wil need greens and maybe ovarian cancer and bloating fruit every single day Sparrows are natural seed-eaters so I do not think it will die of that menu anyway.

Because birds do need to have more meals than 1 big one every day - with smaller species birds just leave it available all day long. Thanks for the quick responses, parrots and diabetes. I dont have any parrots, parrots and diabetes. Just a dove and a house sparrow, but there are not enough active small bird forums that I have been able to find that is as informative. Also, i find parrot owners have a better understanding of what care birds really need and alot of the things I have read has been used succesfully for my house sparrow.

I usually order the food mash from Things for wings -canadian company and I just bought Dr. He just turned 4 in july, parrots and diabetes. Ive had him since he was only a couple days old.

I guess he must have fell out of his nest. We found him sitting on the hot pavement in the sun on a disgustingly hot day. We parrots and diabetes him in. He bonded to us and we knew we could never release him to the wild. Ive been cautioned against taking him to a veterinarian for standard check ups because Ive been told they may feel obligated "by law" to take him away from me, since he is a wild bird.

I do tend to over parrots and diabetes. Thanks for the link, i will look into it. Here are a couple pictures of Kiwi and Baby hopefully I attach them properly Kiwi is getting cozy for a nap and in the first pic I clearly disturbed him, hehe.

I also have a 22 year old ring neck dove named Baby. Parrots and diabetes got him when he was less than a year old. First pic of Baby is just after his bath. The house coat has pink stripes, lol. Last edited by Ephy; at Of course baths every other day. Kiwi is an extemely high maintenace bird. He hates mess, hates a messy cage bottom and parrots and diabetes drink his water if something like a seed drops into it.

I actually keep 2 water dishes available to him at all times because of this. He also trims his own toe nails and keeps his beak quite trim, its amazing actually! I doubt your vet would turn you in for having a sparrow. I know in Florida it is illegal to have native species without a license. In addition to seed, sparrows eat insects. Try feeding some meal worms, parrots and diabetes.

The diet you are feeding is good but add the other things. Plus some fruits and veg. You are right to be careful, they are considered an invasive non native species, and actively displace our native species such as bluebirds and chicadees. Wildlife centers I was involved with would euthanize them. But I am glad he found a home with you, parrots and diabetes. That is one great looking guy there same problem here: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On.

Am i giving my bird diabetes? General Health Care Remember to use common sense and consult with an avian veterinarian. Find All Thanked Posts. Page 1 of 2. A 4 year old House Sparrow named Kiwi and a 22 year old dove named Baby. Sponsored Links Ive been buying these organic bird mashes you soak in hot water before feeding birds and althouh its all organic with nothing added, i finials and caps for lights suddenly concerned I might be giving them too much?

My house sparrow is carb obsessed and devours the grains. I usually make a serving size that could last days and there is always tons to throw out.

I leave it out for him for about an hour as a treat on a daily parrots and diabetes. He usually has his fill of it at least a couple times in that hour. I also add fresh fruits or veggies every couple days or so.

Could this lead to diabetes? Where do you get these bird mashes? The Rickeybird, year-old Patagonian Conure.

Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. Thank you for not giving me away! This bird is giving me grey hair!


Parrots and diabetes