Cancer incidence of workers in the Swedish petroleum industry.

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How Petroleum Candles Can Cause Lung Cancer

Petroleum industry and lung cancer

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To estimate the risk petroleum industry and lung cancer cancer due to occupational exposure to petroleum products in the Swedish transport and refinery industries. In a retrospective cohort study the cancer incidence in men and women, who had worked for at least one year in the petroleum industry, was compared with the incidence in the general population.

The job titles and employment times for each person were found in personal files in the industries. The men had on average worked in jobs exposed to petroleum for The cases of cancer were identified by record linkage with the Swedish cancer register.

In total there were cases of cancer v Operators at refineries had an increased risk of leukaemia 6 cases v 1. Five of the six cases had started to work at the refineries in the s or later. No other significantly increased risk of cancer was found. Operators at Swedish refineries had an increased risk of leukaemia. A possible cause is exposure to benzene, petroleum industry and lung cancer.

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Observations on the healthy worker effect. Support Center Support Center. Please review our privacy policy, petroleum industry and lung cancer.


Petroleum industry and lung cancer