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Pge2 and vitamin c histimines

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HairShocka on Mon Jan 26, Biffy on Thu Apr 16, 8: Biffy on Fri Nov 13, 3: UzumakiNaruto on Fri Nov 13, 3: Rudiger on Tue Lung cancer and cigar 02, 6: Posts Topics Advanced Search. Check Out Our Sponsors. Brought to you by. Thu Oct 04, 7: Wed Oct 03, The chicken or the egg? According to many studies including the Costarelis study, PGD2 is high in balding scalp, pge2 and vitamin c histimines.

Blocking PGD2 could be part of the solution to halt hair loss from progressing because PGD2 has inhibitory effects on hair growth. What is the function of PGD2 in the pge2 and vitamin c histimines Could lowering PGD2 on the scalp cause more trouble than good? PGE2 which according to the Costarelis study, was found to be lowered in balding scalp. However, PGE2 is also known to cause inflammation. PGE1 is the major hair growth booster from the prostaglandins family.

What is the safest way to increase PGE1? With that said, what do you guys think about a highly concentrated ascorbic acid topical to halt hairloss? This guy on another forum and others are experimenting with a topical with ascorbic acid, msm, and melatonin. Ascorbic acid pge2 and vitamin c histimines C dose-dependently inhibited interleukin-1beta IL-1beta - mediated PGE2 synthesis in the human neuronal cell line. Furthermore it dose-dependentlyproduced a significant reduction in IL-1beta-mediated production of 8-iso-prostaglandin F2alpha PGF2aa reliable indicator of free radical formation, suggesting that the effects of ascorbic acid on COXmediated PGE2 biosynthesis may be the result of the maintenance of the neuronal redox status since COX activity is known to be enhanced by oxidative stress.

Collectively, these results indicate that L-threonate inhibited Pge2 and vitamin c histimines expression in DPCs and therefore is a good treatment for the prevention of androgen-driven balding. Ascorbic acid may need pH below 3. Very good post, thanks. We will see how will Setipiprant work out This Ray Peat guru and his theories will help your hair minimally.

So a vitamin C powder mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar topically might work? Maybe even as a hair scalp spray? Been lurking around hairloss forums and reading all the stuffs in here for quite sometime. Im using big 3 for 2 years, pge2 and vitamin c histimines. But it seems that they have stopped working for unknown reasons. It backs up the vitamin D theory of hair loss but makes the prospect of regrowth, without the use of expensive and rare drugs, very difficult, if not impossible.


Pge2 and vitamin c histimines